There are many reasons why someone may want extra help in mathematics or science.

I help young people with a range of abilities from S1 to Higher and Advanced Higher, and from year 7 up  to A levels (English) –  including some aspiring to Oxford or Cambridge University entrance. 

I do home-schooling for young people who for one reason or another need specialist help at home.

I also offer help  with University and College students studying courses in engineering, physics and medicine,  for units and courses with high maths or physics content.

Recent students of Higher or Further Education include help for students and mature learners working toward  –  Geophysics degree at Edinburgh University ( maths and physics);  BSc Energy Management (Open University);  B.Eng Mechanical Engineering  (UHI);  mental maths (commercial aircraft pilot); HNC/HND/B.Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Teeside University)

School tuition and examination preparation


Scottish:                S1 to S4, National 4, 5 and Higher Mathematics. Also Applications  of Mathematics

UK:                           GCSE ,  A level Edexcel, OCR


Scottish:                 National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

UK:                          GCSE,  A level Edexcel

Chemistry tuition

National 5, GCSE